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Booking Terms and Conditions for Accessible Waters and Adventures Boat Tours.

  1. Reservation form with all required information for your party must be received a minimum 3 days before your preferred trip date. You will be contacted within 48 hours after review of your forms and booking request to confirm, decline or reschedule your booking. For the best options of your preferred trip date, bookings should be made at least one month in advance. 

  2. Upon confirmation of your booking, you will receive an invoice for the payment required for your adventure. Invoice payment of service is due at receipt of invoice and confirmation of booking. Failure to pay 3 days before your booking date will result in cancellation of booking.

  3. A signed travel waiver is required for each trip participant and will be signed at the launch site. Legal guardians may sign on behalf of their assigns/minors in their care. Please review this document prior to your trip date - you can view the waiver here. 

  4. Accessible Waters is an adapted boat to accommodate participants with disability or mobility limitations. At least one member of your party must meet this criteria, require special support or mobility aids, or other barriers which may restrict opportunities for boating/water activities. If your party does not have these requirements, please consider using alternative Alberta boating tours for those without accessible needs.

  5. All participants are required to follow safety procedures and comply with watercraft rules as laid out and instructed at boarding. Failure to comply with any safety measure or outlined directions for watercraft rules as expressed by the Captain will result in returning to shore and disembarking the boat.

  6. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the boat.

  7. River, lake and weather conditions can change rapidly resulting in poor or unsafe boating conditions. In case of request for deferred trip dates due to extreme weather events, attempts will be made to change your reservation and identify an alternate date.

  8. Purchased gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash and can only be redeemed for services sold by Accessible Waters and Adventures. Gift cards can be redeemed by providing the card number in the booking form and the card amount will be deducted from the total owing on the invoice sent for payment.

  9. Cancellations with 48 hour notice will be granted a full refund. Cancellation less than 48 hours will be refunded paid balance minus $50 administration fee.

  10. In the case that Accessible Waters and Adventures needs to cancel your trip, participants will be given a choice of rescheduling their booking or receiving a full refund for their purchase.

Updated February 17, 2024

Prepare for your boat tour

We recommend participants consider bringing camera, hat, hair ties, sunscreen, sunglasses, layered clothing, snacks, water and/or non-alcoholic beverages, any required medications, medical supplies, or allergic response needs.

Weather conditions may vary and can change unpredictably. Participants should check the weather forecast in advance of their trip for appropriate preparation.

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